Chapter II: In Which We Drift Endlessly

by Stars & Constellations

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Part 2 in the Epic Catalogue of The Crystal Heart

Disclaimer: the words are merely a read-along to their respective songs, acting as a poetic telling of the true story


released October 12, 2012

Written, Conceived, Mixed, Mastered, Told by: Arctic Bear, Azrael Belford, and Orionis



all rights reserved


Azrael Belford Buffalo, New York

I began making music in 2009. In 2010, I released my debut album as The Silent Boy. In 2011 I began my instrumental project Stars & Constellations and released its 1st album that December. I have a project called AQVARIVS that's on a hiatus until 2024. I started a dance project in 2016 called Kaleidanoyse. Currently working on the LP7 for The Silent Boy and Chapter VII for Stars & Constellations. ... more

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Track Name: Enter the Hunter
Within the Gate of Orion
Our hearts glow
never fading
Bright as the stars, our pale skin shines
and we connect the stars with dotted lines

Love in our hearts and Warmth in our bodies
the Warrior grants us and our crystal hearts entry
we’re surrounded by walls of sound, lights, and colour.
We are his children, inside his body, making our way into his being

Beauty overcomes all
and the constellations are slowly guiding us along
Towards our home and our Mother
Track Name: Interlocked
Relief and peace
they flood our souls with welcome
and take their hold in head and heart

We look at each other
and see individual beauty
radiating from inside ourselves

We find love within the other
and our eyes are filled with tears and lights
Track Name: Euphoria
We float on past the stars and planets
While our hands never loosen their grip
and in a grand display, the systems of Space
ever spin in their time and place.

Wintery petals from some avid wind
fly past our bodies
and yet we still charge ever-forward
towards the core of the Warrior

our minds are filled with the silence of Drones
as a bright emotion fills our bones.
Track Name: Dreaming of Home
It was only a matter of time before we started to grow homesick
The Intergalactic and Individual Euphoria didn’t stick
The place we were missing wasn’t our true home, but our past home where we were physically born
We held each other inside our arms and wept within his Belt.
Stars could not steal away our gaze at this moment

We picked up ourselves, brushed the stardust from our shoulders.
We continued on... and on, allowing the flaming spheres to embrace us
to hold us in our pain.
Track Name: Onward Float, Pt. I
Bravery now shines from our bodies
with determination to reach our destination,
driving our hearts deep into the cosmos

Hands hold tight to each other
and the stars light the way into
Orion’s Core
as we drift endlessly

The Speed of Light is rushing past our ears
and calling us to continue our journey

Yet, an eerie sound emits itself onto us
and calls us to examine ourselves
on the inside

But we push past the noise
in a panic to find ourselves
inside the true Home

We eventually stopped our ragged space travel
and dove inside of our hearts of crystal and light
Track Name: Internal Beauty
Bright teal was on the surface
but we pushed underneath it
and saw a blinding
yet warming Light

After a short time of fearing it, we accepted the Bright
and went deeper...

There was that eerie sound again
permeating through the glow and snow
Hidden Beauty so divine glittered and sparkled

Our past was part of us, but it was not who we truly were.
We pushed ourselves more inside our hearts
and found our True Selves
Shining as the Universes do so well

We could not hold it in, so we emerged from our meditation and let it out

All became brighter, our path was more clear
Our hearts had found their way, and we had no more fear.
Track Name: Crystallik Strangers
Mysterious beings
they came floating by
telling us secrets by which all came to hide

Our energy was chilled by the evils
the strangers spoke of

Whole civilizations and planets sunk into Darkness
People became shadow
evil was born
Ancient twistings of old
were coming our way
unless we could destroy
or keep them at bay

The messengers continued on
glowing and mysterious as when they first came.

We continued our journey, we were approaching New Sleep.
Track Name: Spiraling Stars
Constellations began to spin in a circle around our vision
Stars were spinning out of control
and into a dark hole

our hands tightened as if to brace ourselves
for what was to come
an ominous cloud formed from the star-speed
and we were being pulled in by something...
something calmly erratic...
Track Name: Transmission 002: The Blackhole
The black pulled us in
Surrounded our bodies in purest space
We were protected by our hearts
from being obliterated by Non-Existence

The chill of space was returning slow
and we were being covered in whitest snow.
Track Name: Negative Light
Melancholy was drowning our senses
from purest black darkness

Recovery was only returning slowly
The aftermath was beyond comprehension
But a mysterious Bear soon relieved our tension.

His arctic fur chased away the emptiness
our shoulders and burdens were lifted.

The Guardians’ song was breaking through it all,
growing so strongly through the sound and colour wall.
Track Name: Onward Float, Pt. II
The Edge was so close
we were almost there
Anticipation was brimming from our souls

The last of space-sound was moving back and forth in our heads
proving we had made it out not dead

The song of Orion was fading into the Drone of the 1st Guardian

We heard the water of ocean welcoming us; it was time to go.
This was the end of the Edge.
Track Name: Into the Water
Dipping our toes in
We were brought under the same waves of the Koi
Pisces was our new guide
so without a cry and with no sky
we all dove under the surface
and welcomed our Sparkling Purpose.