Chapter III: In Which We Discover The Endurance of Love

by Stars & Constellations

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Part 3 in the Epic Catalogue of The Crystal Heart

Disclaimer: the words are merely a read-along to their respective songs, acting as a poetic telling of the true story


released November 23, 2013

Written, Conceived, Mixed, Mastered, Told by: Arctic Bear, Azrael Belford, Apollo & Artemis (Piscium)

Artwork Adapted from: Laura Goodhew (Inky Fingers Illustration)



all rights reserved


Azrael Belford Buffalo, New York

I began making music in 2009. In 2010, I released my debut album as The Silent Boy. In 2011 I began my instrumental project Stars & Constellations and released its 1st album that December. I have a project called AQVARIVS that's on a hiatus until 2024. I started a dance project in 2016 called Kaleidanoyse. Currently working on the LP7 for The Silent Boy and Chapter VII for Stars & Constellations. ... more

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Track Name: Inceptional
We left from the Hunter
In search of Our Mother
And were greeted by
the First Guardian

They transformed from sea-life
into humanoid figures,
and explained that they were lovers

“You have much to learn about Love
You know not the truth
and when we’re done,
you will use us as proof”

We gladly accepted
and were on our way
into stardust and the ocean beyond
Track Name: Lovers
Coming upon a beautiful sight
We were shown the edge of Love
and saw only beauty and light

The waves washed over Her and I
the bright emotions flooded our eyes
and we longed for this love
for it was simply perfect and unflawed

The animals of this sea
swam around us
in a peaceful array of warmth

The Guardian admired us
and enjoyed our naïvety
And in their minds,
they remembered their first encounter
so bright
Track Name: In Your Eyes
I look to you
our hands held
as the Guardian leads us
through the bright
and cool-coloured array

Love shines bright from
your blue eyes
They hold the Universe
with life and rebirth

But there’s a sadness in there
amongst the light and pristine
but it doesn’t distract
from the stars, new and dying
Track Name: Fallen Stars Bring New Life
A star’s since passed
tells us of the gift
that death can bring
For love exists after we
leave this place

We learned of its life
Back when it was here
there was melancholy
bliss, love, and hate
but most of all was redemption

Love saved the star
it became light for the masses
and shone among the cosmos
with no regrets or fear to be had

The Guardian smiled
at our lesson learned
for it was the same
as they had been taught
those many eons ago
Track Name: Oceania's Gaze
We came across
the strangest of things
A floating woman
made of parallel
and perplexing lights
singing to the cosmos
looking out across the bright

She told us of her life
her loves and her pains
How she was left alone
to fend for herself
But she had patience
So now she waits and waits,
except she casts her light and life
into all things close enough

We should be patient, as she was
but let’s shine our brightest
while we wait for what we need
Our own love should
spill forth
onto all life that will receive it
so love will encompass
Track Name: Cloudling [Transmission 009]
Floating into a bright cloud
the dust spinning ‘round us
we were mesmerized
with the atmosphere

There was pain
but too was love
shining from within
our crystal hearts

They glow with this journey
and we’ll shine and won’t stop
until we reach Our Mother
Into Her arms
Track Name: Turbulence|Forgiveness
You said insensitive things
but so did I
we’re in a dark place
but will we be forgiven
and move back to how were?

Where is love now?
Doesn’t it seek us endlessly,
or were we deceived?

I wish you could understand
how much I want to make things right
but you must feel the same.
I don’t want to, can’t be alone again,
floating isolated in space,
wandering and feeling cold

Of course we’re forgiven
darkness doesn’t mean it’s all over
just a spot of weakness
Track Name: Infinite Cosmic Swim
All the different sea lifeforms
came to this new area
and showed us the brightest array
It took us away from ourselves for a bit
We swam with the fish and the octopi
and the eels

We floated and flipped towards a new star
with a new lesson learned
to enjoy the beauty and lights while they’re here
amongst us
Track Name: Cosmodulation
We stopped to rest on Beta Piscium
to remember all we’ve learned
and the Guardian spoke to us once more
“You have learned all you can from us, my lover and I
You’ve made us so surprised, that you’ve taken true love to heart
and don’t need to wander around in the dark
So leave with light in your hearts
and love in your veins
Good luck on your trip
to your true home, little ones”
Track Name: Propellers
We embraced as we flew off towards Aquarius,
bursting forth with love at our backs
and light at our sides

The bright haze slowly faded away
and our hands gripped together
We were finally brave,
confident in our bond
joined by blood and by crystal and heart
wandering through the white-speckled dark