Chapter V: In Which Our Minds Unwind

by Stars & Constellations

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Part 5 in the Epic Catalogue of The Crystal Heart

Disclaimer: the words are merely a read-along to their respective songs, acting as a poetic telling of the true story


released November 18, 2015

Written, Conceived, Mixed, Mastered, Told by: Arctic Bear, Azrael Belford, Capricorni

Artwork Adapted from "Earthy Wild" by Angelika Mehrens (her work is found at ) and "Signs of the Zodiac - Capricorn" by Andreas Preis (his work can be found at )



all rights reserved


Azrael Belford Buffalo, New York

I began making music in 2009. In 2010, I released my debut album as The Silent Boy. In 2011 I began my instrumental project Stars & Constellations and released its 1st album that December. I have a project called AQVARIVS that's on a hiatus until 2024. I started a dance project in 2016 called Kaleidanoyse. Currently working on the LP7 for The Silent Boy and Chapter VII for Stars & Constellations. ... more

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Track Name: Vernal Cream
into lightseeds

paths of crocuses swaying,
with the wind
at our backs,
harmony blooms
inside our hearts
of luminescent
teal and crystal.

Scillas flutter,
urging us on
and redirecting
wandering eyes unto
the Sea-Goat,
this place’s aetherial Guardian.

and forsythia
petals swirl about his eyes,
drawing us into
this creature’s warm embrace.
At his bidding,
we explore the vast realms of Spring,
the Vernality overcoming our senses
as gently as snowdrops
growing between
the miniscule snowmounds.
Track Name: The Immortal Blossoming
A light rain falls
upon our skin,
the smell mixing with
the sweet scent
of pollen and florals.

Arriving at
an elephantine rose
of Ispahan,
we watch as it blooms
and wilts old petals
in looped motion.

Covered by giantesque petals
from the now-pouring drops,
resting on its warmed foliage,
waking with thankfulness
at the generosity of plants,
we continue on our path.

And we look back
as we hear the insects
begin to sing
to see the flower still blooming
Track Name: Cicadance
to the tune,
our limbs begin to move.
Gryllinae pulse
in the setting sun,
Katydids ticking

We feel
the growing heat
from the distance of Summer
upon our site,
and give in to the waltz.

Their number
is increasing,
in volume and size.
Our eardrums
are reverberating
back and forth
from the sound,
in step with our hearts
Track Name: Summertide
A heatwave,
A swelter,
spreads over
our shelters.

The animals gather
encroach meekly in time,
all harmonious and kind to each other.
We lay down with them,
enjoying the balmy season.

Bees collecting pollen
from the flower rings,
Lions running wild
‘round the cooling spring,

Eyes locked onto
suns that hang so high,
love for this place
fills us by and by.
Track Name: Pyrexius
A crimson fever takes
our forms from inside out.
Orange locusts once lovely
now deafen inner ears
with a crude sound.
It’s much too hot to move,
let alone hold each other one little bit.

Wildfires are burning in our eyes
from the sweat dripping from above.
Our forms are swirling together in the midday melt,
bubbling on the rocks and earth,
steam climbing to the spindly clouds.

We separate and reform,
standing upright on tired limbs and joints.
I take your hand as we continue on this path,
which is drying up quickly.
Track Name: Efflorescia [Transmission 026]
Dust suspended in light,
the suns are shrinking.
Close within our sight,
the land is trading its chromatic colorings
for tones of fire and earth.

Our hearts are slowing down
as the animals are foraging,
trying to take what they can before sleep comes for them,
and they fly to the south.

The dew retreats into the Terra
and the organic surfaces it finds.
Insects and arachnids,
crawlers alike,
plow and plow,
becoming subterranean
until Spring’s first light.
Track Name: Autumnine
are the stars, now

The earth has cracked open,
letting out the smell
of dirt, dry leaves, and dust.
Slight fissures mark the ground
like the stretch marks upon a pregnant outer-belly.
But, none are wide enough to fall through.

Descending every which way,
there are old, ashen cotyledons,
burning bright with chroma.
The fiery colour upon them
seems out of place with everything going to sleep,
as if all are giving one last hurrah
before they go under and away.

We are buried beneath the dusty foliage.
Then we hear a slight beckoning to go onward
in our joyous stupor,
coming across a wet swampland
of miring mire.
Track Name: Miring
Our steps find soft moss
and touch the top of the bog,
walking upon it.

Ripples go out from contact
as we make our way to a great floating tree.
The leaves have made concentric circles
of specific colour around this sanctuary.

As we get closer to the towering Arborea,
we see that these blades have overlapped
to make an igneous gradient to the base of the trunk.
where moss and earth has made an island for it.

We lay ourselves upon the natural carpet islet
and stare into the somber and grey expanse.
Track Name: Covering in Rime
We see a white light in our periphery,
so we walk towards it with curiously cautious feet.
The dew upon the moss and surroundings
gradually becomes a hoarfrost as we advance.

The air is still lukewarm with the breeze of Autumn.
We can feel a cold front traveling towards out vessels,
so we go into the base of a tree.
There is a small fire on the ground in a circle of stone,
and we rest awhile, considering what to do next.

That old stirring in our crystal hearts
urges us to leave the comfort and safety
to continue on this journey.
There is but one gust of icy wind,
then a stillness as we sit upon the near-frozen ground
and huddle close to keep warm.

Then we rest awhile and close our eyes.
Track Name: Winterfell
A coldness
around us
and stutters.

Crystal hearts begin to warm us from within
and our hands grasp onto each other
while we float through the snow-covered lands.
Even through the auras of protection,
we feel the wind and snowfall is biting at our figures,
trying to steal our warmth and life.

Ice begins to fall here and there,
but soon it falls away and the wind lessens,
a glowing, windswept light-blue path of stone revealed.
We follow it as the wind picks up again.

Still, we push on until we see a crystal obelisk
sticking out of the blindingly white ground.
It is teal-coloured, like the hearts within our ribs,
and we are comforted,
seeing it as a sign from Our Mother Herself.
We lay our hands upon its surface,
and it comforts us,
instilling peace and love and extra warmth
to fight off the harsh environ.

After a moment, we go on,
our feet making marks in the snow
and leading us evermore into the white mist
beyond the frozen trees.
Track Name: An Ivory Mistral
Near-constant snow and ice falls,
heavy and sharp.
We cannot see in front of our own faces,
yet our hands hold fast,
anchoring each other together.

Through blankets of ivory-crystalline patterns,
I see our hearts glowing.
They are keeping us safe from damage,
even though we still feel the sting of the ice,
like daggers and pinpricks.

The cruel environment suddenly stops,
and we see that it is traveling in wide circles
around us.
Inside the Eye, all is calm and quiet.
But knowing the only way is forward,
our feet continue the rest of the trek,
back into the storm.
Track Name: Clambering to the Stars
All goes silent as the Guardian comes forth,
through the wicked and wild weather.
His face is content,
as we have sojourned across his fields
to nearly come back to where we had started.

He points to the air in front of us,
the tallest wall of earth rising from the ground.
It is a gateway,
and much like our trek through his seasons,
we had to go through it to reach the stars again.

We claw and grasp at the wet dirt,
eager to return to outer world,
to go onto this Guardian’s successor.

As I pulled myself out of the hole I had made,
and pulled her through as well,
we wave at the Sea-Goat and wish him farewell.
With a gust of wind decorated in various petals throughout,
He sends us onto the Archer,
Sagittarius, full of fire.