Chapter VI: In Which A Quest Becomes Undone

by Stars & Constellations

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Part 6 in the Epic Catalogue of The Crystal Heart

Disclaimer: the words are merely a read-along to their respective songs, acting as a poetic telling of the true story


released October 16, 2016

Written, Conceived, Mixed, Mastered, Told by: Arctic Bear, Azrael Belford, Sagittarii

Artwork adapted from Damon Hellandbrand (his other work can be found at )



all rights reserved


Azrael Belford Buffalo, New York

I began making music in 2009. In 2010, I released my debut album as The Silent Boy. In 2011 I began my instrumental project Stars & Constellations and released its 1st album that December. I have a project called AQVARIVS that's on a hiatus until 2024. I started a dance project in 2016 called Kaleidanoyse. Currently working on the LP7 for The Silent Boy and Chapter VII for Stars & Constellations. ... more

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Track Name: Horseback
Pearly fires are blown out,
carried away by a burst
of cleansing wind.
We are nearly
swept up
into the sky,
when strong hands
grip our wrists.

Placed upon the spine
of a mighty steed,
we look up to gaze,
at not an animal
nor man,
but upon a hybrid.
It is the Guardian.

No words are spoken
as he charges forth,
yet we understand our mission.
Into the dark wood
we are taken.
Track Name: Arrows In The Dark
The leaves glow
upon our pale skin.
The Archer stays
to the shadows,
ready to strike at all times.

Amber eyes
peeking out
at all sides
survey for danger.
And He shoots forth
shafts of poison,
shining crimson.

In the dark we ride
clinging on so tight,
as we witness
the hunt.
Dashing from tree
to tree,
the arrows fly from he.
Track Name: Prey
A blood trail
stained upon
the grains
stops us in our tracks,
and we follow
the scarlet river
branching this way and that.

A majestic beast
struck down in the earth,
brings tears to our eyes
and makes us question the worth
of the hunt.

The Guardian shows no outer remorse,
but gallops on in the wind,
leaving the wood
with us clutching his waist.
Track Name: Unending Quest
Across the fire-pocked lands,
we pass by flames of white.
Holding onto Him,
we wait for
a pause
or reprieve.

Through grass and leaves and barks
of varying colours,
we’re carried.
Taking down great beast
and gentle creature alike,
only to turn
in some odd direction
towards a new place,
a different environ.

We grow tired,
and in our weakness
we are thrown over,
sprawled upon a great field
of ash and glowing embers of violet.

Watching Him go,
galloping onwards,
we stare in half-disbelief
and decide to float after the Archer,
staying to our mission.
Track Name: Chasing
Through the pale grass
of the meadows
and past lakes of ivory fire,
we follow His marks upon the ground.
The Guardian keeps ahead,
more than our eyes can see,
but we keep treading on,
’til we can rejoin Him once more.

The sky is overcast,
swirling with grey,
the atmosphere coloured
in dark-yellow hues.
Powerful winds
try to drive us back,

A dark figure upon the horizon
waits for us,
pawing at the dirt.
Relief in our hearts,
we meet Him again,
and climb upon his back
once again.
Track Name: The Restless Heart
The Archer
sat us down
upon the ground,
in a meadow
encircled by trees.
He delved
his past.

“Since I
was a young colt,
I always wanted
to be
on the run.
It was freedom,
to be moving,

But lately,
it feels patterned
into my brain,
like there’s no
real point now,
and if I can’t
find that freedom,
who will I become?”

We told him
to accompany us
to the end of His territory,
promising the potential
of finding His own peace,
as well as His lost freedom.
Then we all set off
on a slower trot.
Track Name: Landscapes [Transmission 052]
{no words}
Track Name: Suspended
We’re thrown up
in the air,
as the trees
and animals
float and spin.

Ivory embers,
speckled on the air
like stars in darkness,
lead us toward
the end.

Our hands are embraced
as we sail forward.
There is a great living statue
of the horse-man.
It summons up a cloud
of glowing sunlight.

The Guardian seems nervous,
so we tighten our grip
and pat his back.
Then he floats away from us
towards his destiny.
Track Name: Nimbus
Caught inside a bright cloud,
the Guardian awaits his rebirth.
We watch from afar
and watch his silhouette
move and writhe,
matching his shifting mind.

The statue is pouring
forth its essence
and passing on its prowess.
The wisdom time passed
and patience gained
fills up the centaur’s head.

The cloud becomes a halo,
outshining all else,
in a bright white fire
hanging ‘round his head.
Then disaster comes.
Track Name: Dust Devils
I can see them
twisting toward us now,
carrying the dust and fire
in a yellow haze.

All over the lands,
the grass and roots
are being wrenched away,
ripped from their homes.

Animals, too, flee
across the barren lands
until they’re lifted up
into a dark mass.

We recognize this test,
and wait for the cyclones
to take us up inside.
Then we grasp each other,
holding on so tight.
Track Name: Quieting
We’ve floated up
on through the clouds,
where all is
cloaked in ash.
We see His hoofprints
and gently follow them.

Into the haze,
our feet are led,
with the stars hanging
above our heads.
We’re nearly there,
to the Gate of Passage.

A bright light
shines up ahead,
and when we arrive,
it becomes an ellipse.
Track Name: Destination
Out of the fire
comes sparkling figure,
draped in robes
of ash and winds.
He’s the Guardian.

Reborn to his true self,
he embraces us,
leading us to the end.

An archway stands
at the edge
of the eroded land,

Then we go beneath it,
and with a wave of His hands,
the Archer send us out
upon a great rush of wind,
towards Scorpius.
Track Name: Convex
Stars rushing past us,
a crimson light ahead,
we hear an echoing sound
no louder than a hum.

All slows down,
as our eyes
glance out toward
the corners of sight.

A writhing serpent’s tail,
the arms of a strong man,
both glowing veridian.

But when we turn our heads,
there is only empty space.