Seclusion (Pt. I: Jon // Pt. II: Cody)

by The Silent Boy

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I wake upon the island of Seclusion, where all go who have experienced love-loss.


released April 14, 2012

The Silent Boy is Azrael Belford



all rights reserved


Azrael Belford Buffalo, New York

I began making music in 2009. In 2010, I released my debut album as The Silent Boy. In 2011 I began my instrumental project Stars & Constellations and released its 1st album that December. I have a project called AQVARIVS that's on a hiatus until 2024. I started a dance project in 2016 called Kaleidanoyse. Currently working on the LP7 for The Silent Boy and Chapter VII for Stars & Constellations. ... more

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Track Name: From Under A Lake, I Heard Your Voice
Watered down clock-turns looking onto frozen bodies are spinning and ticking into proper time… Dark hands reach out while the bodies disappear into black space. Words all bubble-mumble from above sing themselves into tune while I feared the coming of June.
Two steady palms under my body lift and make the water speed past my ears. The wires are stretched and frayed, but still cling to my chest. I black in and out and try to breathe, only to find nothing but watered down lungs.
Lips envelop mine and breathe into me… Jon pressurizes my chest with his strong hands and then tries to breathe me awake again… and again….
Track Name: Looking Up From The Grass
Green shards all around itch against my pale skin. I looked up and saw your warm eyes, brown eyes. My soaked fabrics clung to my body like a teenager to their first love. as I sat up and tried to stand. I almost fell, but you caught me.
I still thought I was dreaming within the dark lake, because I’ve always been alone. I still couldn’t stand well, so you swung me into your cradling arms and carried me deeper into the woods.
Sleep…Dream away…
Track Name: Brown Eyes, Strong Embrace
I woke up under blankets with my eyes still dreamy and cloudy. I sat up and saw I was in an hut of stone, alone once again…
I closed my eyes for a bit more when I heard a familiar voice. I looked up and saw your brown eyes looking into mine, and I smiled. I stood up and walked a bit, just like a newborn. I fell into your arms, and you held onto me, so I wrapped around you.
Endless days we lived together, and I learned how to walk and talk again. You put me on my feet and taught me how to think. The Sun was always shining, and my past was finally forgotten.
Track Name: Separation (pt. I)
Everything ends, eventually. Spring turns into dead Winter, and flowers all wilt away into dust. I woke up one day in the woods, and you weren’t there. I was alone again.
I looked in your room countless times, and even stayed the night, but you never came. I went to our place at the edge of a cliff, but you still weren’t there. I looked for what seemed like forever, and then, somewhere along I just slept and slept and wandered and wandered.
Track Name: Reopening
So many days I’ve looked for you. Then you appear right out of the blue, I’m sure I still love you, I know that I do. But, now you’ve found her and broke me in two.
You stabbed my back without knowing it. What happened to our friendship that made me embrace my loneliness? I may have found you again and can call you a friend, but I still have a heart for you.
I embraced my childlikeness and to get your attention. Just so I could rid myself of this apprehension inside of my chest. But at least you’re back…
Track Name: In the Arachnid’s Thread
My arms are tangled inside her traps, and I hang here and wait for rescue.
Dangling from paper-thin, infinite strings that stick to my appendages and limbs, I’m in and out of sleep once again because you’ll be here, and then you’ll be gone; in and out, in and out. Save me, Jon. Save me, Jon.
You’ll come to my rescue when I let go, but how can I?
Now she’s cutting off the thread, and letting me fall to death…
Track Name: Falling Through Infinity
I’m falling through infinity as I wait for you to reach for me. You loved me once, but now we’re distant, it happened as soon as you left me.
Inky black of night, you stole away my fright, and I’m waiting now for nothing but love, nothing but love. As I float here, I’m hesitant to move away from everything at bay. For I’m still falling through your skin…
Track Name: I Was Still In Darkness When You Caught Me.
My eyes were black when you caught me. The darkness had engulfed my heart because you were never coming back. And even now, you aren’t here to love me, you’re here to leave me… again.
It’s time to go…
Track Name: Goodbye
Brown eyes, brown eyes, when will you come back? Because if you don’t, my heart could have another attack, for my assailants don’t rest their weary eyes. They kill and they kill and they don’t even realize what they are doing.
I once was ecstatic with life and with joy, but the silence grew too strong.
I’d say, “Come back to me, Jonathan”. But, I need to move on from the cave I’ve been in, and find someone else to take care of me.
So, this is goodbye, our song has been sung, and neither of us has truly won. But, you never loved me, not like I did you. No, I think it’s time to leave on my cue.
This is goodbye.
Track Name: Separation (pt. II)
Oh, what a mess I’ve made of this. I broke my own heart and expected too much. But, now I don’t see why I should anymore.
Because everything ends, eventually Spring turns into dead Winter, and flowers all wilt away into dust.
The clouds are collecting inside of my room, making a copy of someone I knew…because everything ends, eventually, everything ends, until we are stardust.
Track Name: Welcome Home
Ice sparks trickled down the sky, then I picked up my shovel and finished up your burial. The snow started to fall and pick against my body. So, I went inside. I went into the dark house to go to sleep forever. Only, you kept me awake every time I reached my tiredness. Your groans were chasing away my slumber.
Now, you’re beating the walls of my paper house from the outside, with the crystals freezing your bruised figure. The thunder’s on the roof with all the speckles coming through it. I couldn’t destroy your memory. I couldn’t bury you completely. Cody…
Track Name: Awaking From in the Mist
I’ve been chasing you through these grey woods with my memories. But now, I’m down and out with a hole in chest, surrounded by leaves from the towering trees.
I cry out and call your name, wishing undone my wickedness to you while you were in a cave.
I’ve been thinking of what to say, when I finally see you again someday, but I have to run after you until I find you…
Track Name: Endless Forest, Endless Chasings
Where are you? I need to find you. Cody…..
Track Name: Deletion: pt I. Unhinging of Want
You’re not coming back here, and I won’t even try to pretend that you’ll come running to me. I broke your heart, and now I’m inside Darkness, erasing my hope for your return. Maybe I’m just better off alone.
Track Name: Deletion: pt II. Obstructing Regret
I always blamed myself for this mess, but now I have seen the truth brought to me. It was nobody’s fault, yet both of our own. Back on that night, we were down and out, both selfish and hurt. I have no regret, and neither should you. Goodbye, old dear friend… until we meet again.
Track Name: Into Light Once Again, As Past Loves Go Quiet.
Seclusion’s a place where the lost spirits go from their lost loved ones. It’s black, grey, and white.
The ink-black was once my home where I was alone and lost to my heart, right form the start. Then, I came to the grey, with clouds on my feet and everywhere, with only half-sight.
But, now I’m in the white, the light came to me. But, I’m still not free, there’s an extra exit for me. And my past loves with Cody and Jon and the rest of them are falling behind, rising up to the sky. It’s time to release, awake my heart unto me. It’s time to let go and leave from the shore.
Track Name: Epilogue: The Emptiness Of Isolation/Exit
Hello, new land, my children of wood…