The Tragic Life Of The Tree Children

by The Silent Boy

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After I left the island of Seclusion, I crossed the stark and sparkling sea and found a new island: The island of the Tree Children, Tré’hér. This album catalogues my time there, and goes with the theme of learning to live again and be free.


released March 5, 2013

The Silent Boy is Azrael Belford



all rights reserved


Azrael Belford Buffalo, New York

I began making music in 2009. In 2010, I released my debut album as The Silent Boy. In 2011 I began my instrumental project Stars & Constellations and released its 1st album that December. I have a project called AQVARIVS that's on a hiatus until 2024. I started a dance project in 2016 called Kaleidanoyse. Currently working on the LP7 for The Silent Boy and Chapter VII for Stars & Constellations. ... more

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Track Name: A Long Walk Up Shore
The Children led me up the golden sand to the Archway, with ancient symbols and shapes shining in the moonlight. I caught a glimpse of greenery all around us. Everything was perfect, serene, beautiful.
The trees were alive, or so they seemed. The trees were alive, all covered in green. Hand in hand, the children guided me to a lake. The waves opened up to reveal a hidden place, and we descended the stair.
Track Name: Architect and Guardians
I was led into a Sanctuary, where the Guardians stood, and their faces were cloaked under brown hoods. They welcomed me to this Paradise then inquired me of my History, and I confessed my dark past and endeavors.
I was frightened that they might reject me and the Darkness inside. Then they spoke:
“You have had quite the journey. We understand the pain you have had. Don’t be so quick to be so afraid. Stay here with us if you feel safe, and are looking for home.”
I was relieved to be so welcomed by this enigmatic group. I wish that I had the words to express my thanks, but I just laughed and smiled and cried.
“If you will stay, as we do suspect, the Children will teach you the ways of the Fold. You’ll be at peace and you’ll never grow old. Welcome to the family, my new Son”
Track Name: Learning to Dream
I found dreams in the trees, in the water, and in the clouds. The children showed me a colourful world inside of the leaves and the grass, with stars expanding along my vision.
Euphoria overcame my senses, and I knew I could love again. Seclusion was gone from my mind and my body. I was connected to the Earth and the Core.
Track Name: Hand In Hand
Light dances from overtop the leaves. Our hands are holding each others in love and peace. The Children follow me to and fro, follow me to and fro.
The forest glows with green, blue, and white. My head is floating above like a kite. Don’t bring me back down, I love these bright dreams.
Take me into your arms, great wandering love. Take me above and beyond. The canopy waits for you and for me. The canopy waits for you and me.
I love you so, Children. Guide me into the woods evermore. I love you.
Track Name: The Trees Are Breathing
Feeling the sun shine through the leaves of the trees, I listen close to their pulsing heartbeat. I never knew such life could exist inside of the things that do not speak. I feel them breathe.
I feel them breathe against my chest, and our hearts become one. I feel life burst from inside, and I’ll no longer hide.
Energy resides in all, inside and outside, within you and me. Nature’s alive with a heartbeat, a pulse that comes from the core. This is not a dream; I am so alive. There’s hope deep inside. This love has saved my soul.
Track Name: Science/History
The Children took me to a place to roam to learn all about their home. They took me to a place where I learned about wildlife and space. Along the walls were pictures and shapes hinting at a mysterious case, like the biology of tree-things and what was inside all of us.
Knowledge flooded me like the ocean I had been stranded on. I was enlightened by new science and thought. This place was a gift and a holy place, untouched by impossibility.
This was all just the beginning. The Children soon led me along the grafted hallways of bright learning to a room with rows and rows of books. In the center was a scroll on a pedestal inside of cold glass.
This document was their history, their birth and their lives, each Child wrote down with their names so sublime. The Trees were their mothers and fathers and friends, coming from the Great Lady once embed.
And still after soaking in this knowledge, each hand taken, I was led to a new place again...
Track Name: The Planetarium
Stars were scattered along the dome, in constellations and shapes I knew from “home”. They glittered and glowed, and lit up the room. Then I saw someone come forth from the center.
I looked up and saw a Great Machine, pointed up towards the ceiling. The mysterious man from before beckoned us over from the door. He said that the machine was made to gaze upon the universe through time and space.
I was offered a peek into the lens and I greatly accepted this opportunity. Zooming in and out there, It was beautifully mounted. I saw other planets and people and stars, and I knew yet again, that I was not alone. I was captivated.
Track Name: Observer
Learning from the Children, I went to and fro, seeking the knowledge that no others know. I walked through their halls, the library and the Ruins, observing their lives from before I knew them.
 I went about the island, with a microscope in hand, studying the plant-life with an archer’s eye. I left no stone unturned, no scape unlooked.
The leaves seemed to be full of energy and light, and even glowed with the arrival of night. The animals were peaceful; lions with lambs, spiders with flies, canines with felines. No violence or death with blood.
 I found the center of the wood and what I saw made me stop...
Track Name: Legends
She was inside of branches of the largest tree, and was glowing with teal, this Lady. She was holding herself into a ball, her limbs criss-crossing in secure protection from all.
I stepped closer and someone came from behind the Great Ivory Tree. It was the Architect, the Tree Children Maker that I met when I first arrived at Tré’hér. He said, “This is the Great Maiden, the Mother of them, the pure tree children who guided you here. She was once awake, but now she just sleeps. She holds a great power for those who are pure, and if ever one is looking for the Cure to a damaged planet, a disarrayed place, she’ll grant them such ability to rebuild and reconnect everything in time and space.”
 I thought this all over and was just about to ask the mysterious Architect where to start if this were to happen, but he was gone...
Track Name: This Must Be Home
Days passed by, months most likely, and each new day, I became more free. I had almost forgotten about Seclusion, and the horrors back there. I was now carefree and loving and grew out my hair, which were strawberry-blonde golden locks with waves here and there.
The Children loved me when I couldn’t love myself. They cared for me and saw me through my Hell. I learned the songs of the birds, movement of waves, the flow of the wind, and the rustle of leaves. They made me new clothes as I shed my old ones, out of magic and plantlife that sprouted from seeds.
From the day I was accepted onto this island, I knew this would become my home. Everything was perfect, serene, beautiful. This must be home.
Track Name: Omen
The Mysterious Man of the Planetarium announced that the End was near. His face was distraught and his eyes filled with tears. 
 “The planets and stars have aligned in Onyx Formation, something is coming for Tré’hér. I have seen the future. A weapon has been poised at our peaceful home, and only destruction awaits,” he proclaimed.
I didn’t believe it, my home was soon to be undone. I looked to the Architect for comfort, but he looked as though he expected this:
“We must go to Our Mother, and become prepared. This boy is our only hope for Life After Death.”
 A circle we made with hands interlocked and summoned the Woman from Her ancient and peaceful slumber. The branches around her loosened and bent her towards the ground.
Waving her arms in the air so gracefully, powerfully, she conjured what looked like a safe mechanic pod up from the ground. She spoke, sounding so beautiful, yet urgent:
“This bed will keep you safe from harm, but it will drain all my energy, and that of the planet. When you awake, whenever you do, you must reconnect the world that from your birth knew you.”
 Taking one Child by the hand, we went inside of the Sleeping Machine and held each other so tight...
Track Name: A Mechanic Cocoon
Soon after the Pod closed up, I drifted to sleep with the Boy in my arms. Darkness engulfed all, and my Dreamland came into focus. I dreamt of places of Light, Dark, and Sea, some from my memory, some twisted version of truth, and then even more from my roots. 

I traveled across vast lands, and in outer space sands. I was alone, but made new friends and some were familiar, like they were a memory of a memory.
It was like this until I was engulfed in the Dark once more...
Track Name: Rebuild and Rebirth
The Light fell onto us, the Tree Child and I. It woke us up, coming from the Sun in the Sky. Everything was ash and dust, covered in grey. I started to cry, then the Boy took my hands.
Our bodies glowed with soft teal tight, and everything we touch came back to life. The ashes went, and the grey cleared up, and more Children came, came up from the dust.
And then we did pass on this magic from our hands, and the ground was green and brown once more, the trees rekindled their Life source form before.
After all was clean and bright and peaceful here, I became the Architect, the new Guardian.
Life began once again, and we played in the sand, climbed the trees, and flew around. This was not the end, but a new Rebirth. All was Good.